This whole page seems like it has to be pretentious, so my apologies in advance. If you haven't recently drunk a STRONG cup of coffee, then you should probably stop reading now :) Alternatively, you can see my little 'shrine-to-myself' (as my friends call it) by going to my personal page. There's lots of pictures there.

So why travel? It's a very easy question to ask, but it's far harder to answer. There's just so many reasons. Personally I'm at the point in life where I'm expected to settle down, to get serious and mature. I'm just not there yet. There's still so much I want to do, and even more I want to see, and I think the opportunities that will allow such adventures are closing. You always hear people talk about looking forward to retirement so they can experience the world. Why wait? Is that really the ideal time to travel? Why not give yourself the opportunity now? 

The world is changing in many ways. Perhaps tomorrow it will be commonplace for everyone to travel, but on the other hand, perhaps tomorrow there won't be the same chance. Perhaps there will be other things to worry about, security, safety, family etc....  

Right now I'm thankful that I can float through life with few repercussions for my mistakes, so this is the time to take risks, this is the time to go explore.

We all have the opportunity to travel, there's nothing holding us back but ourselves. The means will become apparent if the drive is sufficient.

-Phillip Simpson

(are you still awake?)


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