"Tourist capture the image of a well-known place in a photo but miss its essence; the anti-tourist dismisses the place as a cliche and misses the whole thing; while the traveler grasps its majesty."

-John Thorn

Okay, so there's two parts to this, the planned part, which we've paid for and have tickets, and the unplanned part.


05 JAN 02    - SATURDAY
 AIR   New Zealand  FLT:  53   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: LOS ANGELES                                910P
       AR: RAROTONGA COOK Islands         515A                        06 JAN   

10 JAN 02    - THURSDAY
 AIR   New Zealand   FLT:  45   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: RAROTONGA COOK Islands           630A
       AR: NADI, Fiji                                           755A                      11 JAN   

19 JAN 02    - SATURDAY
 AIR   New Zealand    FLT:  55   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: NADI, Fiji                                          320A
       AR: AUCKLAND, New Zealand               715A                                 
09 FEB 02    - SATURDAY
 AIR   New Zealand    FLT: 193   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand       410P
       AR: MELBOURNE, Australia                    610P                                 

09 MAR 02    - SATURDAY
 AIR New Zealand   FLT: 100   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: SYDNEY, Australia                              755A
       AR: AUCKLAND, New Zealand                1255P                                 

 AIR   New Zealand  FLT:4286   COACH CLASS                              
       LV: AUCKLAND, New Zealand                 315P
       AR: SINGAPORE                                       820P       


Okay so from there the plan gets rather hazy. But here goes:

From Singapore, we travel North to Thailand.

Perhaps stopping in Malaysia on the way North.

From Bangkok (Thailand) we might jump on a flight to Vietnam for a week depending on prices.

After returning to Thailand we fly to Nepal for trekking through the Himalayas.

Onward to Delhi, India.

Next plan says fly to the Middle East, but that will change if it's not a bit safer and then we would either reschedule or avoid Egypt and Israel.

Fly South to Cape Town, South Africa for some Safari, then North to Mozambique to visit our friend Pip.

After South Africa, we take a flight from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Go South to the glaciers, then West to Chile. Head up to Peru and Equador and then a flight to Rio Di Janerio, Brazil.

After this we should be running low on cash so it's back to Europe for the final 3 months.

Basically the summary is:

South Pacific- 2 weeks

New Zealand- 3 weeks

Australia- 1 month

South East Asia- 2 months

Nepal/India- 1 month

Middle East- 1 month

South Africa/Mozambique- 1 month

South America- 2 months

Europe- 3 months

That's it? Wanna go?


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